• To Avoid Getting Wet!

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • Step Beyond Your Barriers!

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • Do You Feel Lucky?

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • Well Do Ya, Emyew?

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • Hazards To Be Calculated!

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • Challenges To Be Enjoyed!

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • Emyew's People Race!

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • All-Terrain Champion Emyew!

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • Swagger Of The Emyew!

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • The Team Spirit!

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • The Team Soul!

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • Sure Fire Winner!

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • Emyew Ready for Glory!

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • Strength of the Team!

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    Ballydrain Harriers

  • Heart of the Nation!

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    Ballydrain Harriers


Ballydrain Harriers - Northern Ireland Athletics Club

Club: Ballydrain Harriers
Town: Ballydrain
County: Down (NI)
Region or Home Country: Northern Ireland

Ballydrain Website Information

Ballydrain Harriers Homepage - Ballydrain Harriers were formed in 1932 by local runners who had been members of Nurseryvale Harriers, a club based between Comber and Dundonald.

Building Network Together

The aim of Emyew.org is not to compete for online traffic with local club websites but to present itself as a springboard for local sites struggling for online visibility. All questions regarding athletics can be discussed at all clubhouses in UK and Ireland.

Developing Local Club Network Online

Ten basic pages will provide a solid foundation for club webmasters sites looking for a simple structure. These pages sections can be expanded to create sections of information. We freely link to clubs who provide information on our topics below.

About Ballydrain Harriers - This may provide a short club history and background of members.

How to join Ballydrain Harriers - Clubhouse Location, days, times etc. Administration process, rules and regulations.

Coaches at Ballydrain Harriers - An overview of those holding and maintaining club training sessions.

Where Ballydrain Harriers train - Clubhouse and courses uses by club runners.

Ballydrain Harriers Race Calendar - Events calendar to keep club athletes informed of upcoming events.

Ballydrain Harriers Results - Provides results and commentary for athletes who perform for the club.

Ballydrain Harriers News - News and information relating to club, its members and the community.

Ballydrain Harriers Gallery - Photos of sporting and social events.

Ballydrain Harriers Contact - Contact information for key club members.

Ballydrain Harriers Related links - Links to other clubs in the area, athletics forums, etc.

Some athletic clubs have great websites that keep it's membership informed and entertained, others struggle to get readable content up and running.

Emyew will devise a basic content framework, boosting local clubs by linking to their main online content, and temporarily filling in the gaps for teams with limited internet presence.

Ballydrain Harriers Online / Offline Marketing


Ballydrain Harriers Newsletter Editor

Would you like to be engaged in compiling a weekly/monthly internet newsletter for Ballydrain Harriers?

Ballydrain Harriers Webmaster

Do you want to assist Ballydrain Harriers to develop their internet existence? The Webmaster is the Admin of Ballydrain Harriers web portal, responsibilities involve constructing or overseeing design and programming duties. You'll also be responsible for registering and controlling Ballydrain Harriers domain name.

Ballydrain Harriers Event Columnist

Are you known to frequent Ballydrain Harriers races? Do you have an interest in journalism and athletics? Could Ballydrain Harriers provide you with the required experience to land your dream job in journalism?

Ballydrain Harriers Website Writers

Are you proud of Ballydrain Harriers history? Would you like to tell the world why Ballydrain Harriers is the best club on the planet?

Ballydrain Harriers Cameraperson

Do you display a passion for photography and athletics? Do you want to build knowledge photographing Ballydrain Harriers at competitions and social events?

Ballydrain Harriers Rankings Compiler

Do you have a keen interest in collecting race results? Are you stats mad? Are you willing to share this madness with Ballydrain Harriers members?

Ballydrain Harriers Press Liaison Officer

Do you feel the successes of Ballydrain Harriers gets under promoted? Do you want to inspire your Ballydrain Harriers club mates? Do you want to be a part of the modern day athletics boom?

Ballydrain Harriers Promo Person

Are you ready to be Ballydrain Harriers, walking, talking promoting machine? Do you have the flair to get Ballydrain Harriers the visibility it deserves?


Ask Ballydrain Harriers Club Officials about online/offline position's volunteering for your club.


Personalise Ballydrain Harriers Page Here

Practice your marketing skills here. Personalise Ballydrain Harriers page on Emyew.org. This page is a lauchpad to Ballydrain Harriers website. It's designed to compliment Ballydrain Harriers efforts, to offer newcomers additional insight into Ballydrain Harriers. Visit Contact US page.

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